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Robot Programmed to Love


In Japan, land of tech and some other weird stuff they have developed robot with some emotions. Was it real or not? Robot programmed to love was named Kenji. Read more about this case of robot love.

In early 2009 , news broke that an experiential Toshiba robot which had been “programmed to love” was faulty . The article, combined with the above picture of a half-Frankenstein, half-Asimo automaton racing amok with a captive damsel-in-distress, graced a number of the internet’s most-read tech websites and news sites. Gizmodo, IGN, the Next Web, among others all ran reports around Kenji, the robot-turned-stalker that was unable to give up hugging a frightened female intern .

This was a rather scary and completely titillating narrative, also it played straight into our science fiction-fed imaginations—the ones still avidly populated by more and more sentient and sure-to-short-circuit robots . That was also a total hoax.

But the robo tall tale proceeds to still circulate around the internet years later, masquerading as blogged fact. This April Fool’s Day, when all our feeds are loaded with gags, fictions, and jokey might-as-well-be-truths, it’s well worth taking a look at just how a small, haphazard hoax is continuing to grow somewhat long tail .

This time it went too far…

Robot Programmed to Love