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The Magnum 45 rubberband gun

Magnum 45 Rubberband gun

Are you ready to dominate the office? or is there someone really who need gentle remainder “who is who”? With the┬áMagnum 45 rubberband gun you can send the message without harming too much. Obviously you should not aim to towards the face to avoind accidental eye surgeries.

The Magnum 45 rubberband gun measures 11,75″ and can shoot up to 10 times! For the bullets aka rubberbands you should use “rubberband size #32″ stretching 8.75”. They also have other types of rubberband guns, check them out!

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Magnum 45 Rubberband gun

“A classic side arm used by officers in armies and police forces around the world. The Magnum 45 is a solid, dependable, semi-automatic 12-shot pistol. Stop the bad guys right in their tracks in any dark alley situation with this companion in your hand.”