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Kettlebell in the livingroom

Omnit Primal Kettle Bells

Usually you need to hide all your exercise equipment from your guests since they are not actually nice looking laying around in your living room. This Onnit Primal Bell kettlebell is totally different thing, we would leave it visible. Also the design of this kettlebell can lead to better results if you get intimidated by it. This 36Lbs monster of kettlebell is incredible well detailed due 3D scanning and printing technologies. The other sizes are 0.5 pood (18lbs) Howler, 1 pood (36lbs) Chimp, 2 pood (72lbs) Gorilla, and 1.5 pood (54lbs) Orangutan. These are high-quality, extremely rust and chip-resistant coated iron to ensure optimal workout and long lasting design. You can get yours  Primal bells from their own web shop with $84,95

Omni Primal Kettlebell