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Hamster driving a truck, Volvo truck commercial

hamster driving volvo truck

Do you recall the amazing braking demonstration where Volvo braked by itself by sensors? Now Volvo has done new video about their new “Volvo Dynamic Driving System”. Volvo installed small cage at top of the steering wheel and driver was given a carrot to guide the hamster to desired side which again created steering motion to Volvo truck. Can you imagine hamster driving a truck? What makes this video even more interesting that it was filmed at quarry where is huge drop to water.

Hamster driving a truck

So is it about hamster driving a truck or Volvo? of course it is about the Volvo trucks which are really notorious and based on latest technological advancements, their trucks are just hi-tech! Charlie the Hamster does not seem to think about it at all. The carrot is only thing what he cares, not the 15-ton truck which he is accidentally driving around the quarry.