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War Thunder Heroes PC/PS4 game

War Thunder Heroes

Times have changed a lot. Games are starting to look like real life, more and more. The reality and immersion have improved every year but sometimes you see something which makes you wonder “is this from the future?”. The War Thunder Heroes is one of these games. As you can see from the trailer below, the realism has been taken to the next level. Ok, the Gaijin Entertainment has made a CGI-trailer for this PC MMO-combat game but how far it is from the actual game play? It will be also launch title for PlayStation 4. The trailer of War Thunder Heroes is a game, where a host of aircrafts, ground vehicles and naval forces are in a full-scale WW2 theaters of war.

War Thunder has more than three million players on PC. When it launches on PS4, players on the PC and PS4 will be on the same war field! Of course, due this reason, Xbox One is out of the game, literally. We are still looking for extensive review of War Thunder Heroes. Check out the trailer below (HD recommended) and share it.

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