iPad mini charging problems, Apple iOS problems continue

Apple iOS problems continue, iPad mini not charging

Are you having charging problems with your Apple iPad Mini? Apple has tried to fix their mobile operating system bug after bug. Recently bigger companies told their employees not to update their phones to iOS 6.1.1 because Microsoft Exchange connectivity did not work correctly with Apple mobile devices. Now that this bug has been fixed, new reports are coming about Apple iPad mini charging problems. Even if the Apple device is plugged in to USB3 port which used to charge the device correctly earlier, now reports state devices show “not charging” after the latest 6.1.2. firmware from Apple.

Solution: Easy but temporary fix for Apple iPad mini charging problems is to hold down the home and power buttons simultaneously until device restarts and Apple logo appears. Which is one form of settings reset. You wont lose any data.

The device, Apple iPad mini itself is much better than previous generations of iPad’s and we still recommend it over the other models even it does not have retina display which is only small minus.

iPad mini charging problems