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Russian gadgets or are they?

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Some Russian bloggers wanted to envision just how the popular international brands and items could easily look if Russians take control of the planet someday. These photos of russian gadgets are a bit depressing. They make us assume that Russians consider their products as substandard to Western ones. Well, it is probably correct when talking about mass-produced items however it is due to political system, not due to lack of technology, materials or competence. We just cant envision ZIL producing sports cars and gadgets, however if they did, It would be kick ass. Also Gazprom energy drink, Its actually quite doable, we want to try it. Hilarious factor is, the business “climate” in the USSR wouldn’t have allowed for the innovation that brought these russian gadgets about in the first place. That could have very well turn out to be reality, if there would not have been the Communist coup in autumn of 1917 and the new social rule after democratic revolution of spring 1917 would have lasted.

We know that Russians had amazing technologies for decades. Check out Russian version of iPod, Russian Nokia mobile phone, Sandisk memory cards and digital cameras and other russian gadgets.

What if russia was the superpower, not western countries?

russian gadgets
Russian version of modern gadgets