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FAA easing restrictions

FAA approve Kindle

All is not lost! Air travelers will soon be able to use their phones, tablets and other electronic devices from departure gate to arrival gate, the Federal Aviation Administration has announced 31st of October 2013. This means end to long restriction and scare that electronic devices could harm airplanes navigation and other vital systems. As you might have noticed while traveling, people generally ignore the rule anyway. Now it’s up to each airliner to lift their bans in really quick if we could just decide.

The FAA restriction was based more on scare than facts. According to NY Times, the restriction were put into place during the 50s when radio transmitters actually did interfere with airplanes own systems. But current airplanes have none of those systems anymore. In 2006, there was a study made which did not find any evidence that consumer electronics could cause a harm.

Since FAA easing restrictions might not be visible at airplanes any time soon, maybe TSA could ease up a little bit? While we are waiting the air travel change back to pleasant experience, we might as well take a bus or train. Or even maybe you should get the Amazon Kindle to help past the time.