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Logo evolution, see the samples

Pepsi logo evolution

While we recommend  this magnificent book about logo designs, the “Logo Design Love by David Airey”, here are some of the examples how change the logo or just renew it. Many companies with long history of existence see many iterations of their public image. Of course the new technology is part of the reason why logos have undergone some many evolutions over the years. Logo of the company represents the company in many different ways. The logo is important for any company who wants to succeed. Logo stands for a company’s business image and is important for communicating with the potential customers. Logo evolution happens constantly after certain periods of time. Logo is a always the association tool for the public to combine their services or products to the specific company. We have here several examples how famous companies has changed their logos in this century. Pick your favorite.

Apple logo history BMW logo history Coca-Cola logo history - Logo evolution Mercedes Benz logo history - Logo evolution Pepsi logo history - Logo evolution Starbucks logo history - Logo evolution

Did you know that in 1941, Pepsi took the colors red, white, and blue to commemorate the war efforts of the USA? And many companies changed from their first logo within the first year.