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10 of the Strangest Homes In the Whole World

So you might have been wondering what could be the dream house of your life? We all need inspiration and for that, here are 10 of the strangest homes in the world. We don't see all of them strange, maybe just 10 most genius architecture ideas. What's your opinion?

Ah all those strange homes. Have you been thinking what kind of dream house you want? Surely there are luxury villas and mansions to dream about but is there anything else? something “different”? Instead of those common options for housing, we present you 10 of the strangest homes in the whole world. All of them might not seem so weird but they architectural solutions are amazing and genius at least. Would you like to live in skateboard park and house combination? or maybe in the narrowest building in the world? So what’s your take on these strangest homes? Voice your opinions!

Strangest homes