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PS4 unboxing and teardown video

Playstation 4

Now that PS4 is available, we have found video of Playstation 4/ PS4 unboxing and teardown by Sony engineer. The video is subtitled to English for your convenience. This video has plenty of interesting facts about the specs and design of the PS4. Now we must just wait to get our hands on it and do our own PS4 unboxing.

PS4 contents

The PS4 is built with a 500GB HD, which might seem like a lot of space. Earlier PS consoles had 20GB, 60GB or 80GB of space when they where new years ago. As with the hard drives, games take more space too.

While Sony was leading the charge for 3D in the gaming world, it’s seemingly less interested about it in the movies. Games can be played in 3D with the PS4, but anyone who wishes to watch their 3D movies is out of luck. PS4 wont replay 3D movies. Other weird decision is that PS4 does not play music CD’s or MP3 files. Why is that? We really don’t know why Sony decided to strip these really simple functions out of the console.

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