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Timelapse video of New York

Photographer Samuel Orr has been filming New York with his gear and result is amazing timelapse of New York. It consists over 10,000 photos shot 2011-2012 and...


Daft Pulp crossover music video

Here is something for your day, Daft Pulp! Even it’s bit short but enjoyable from one the best movies there is. Daft Punk is a famous French electronic...


Boat fire? no problem

The skipper of the boat tried to start it after it died in the middle of the lake. It caught fire, so he jumped ship and watched it burn slowly. The wind...


Helicopter Pilot Saves Kid’s RC Plane

Can you imagine how helpful some people can be? Even this could be stated as first world problems, still very nicely done! Helicopter Pilot Notices an RC Plane...

Video Weird and funny

Amazing parkour dog

We just accidentally stumbled on this video and right away we where amazed! you need to see this and share to your friends who has dogs!


‘True Skin’ cyberpunk short movie

Independent science fiction short films have boomed in the past few years, as creating special effects and distributing the finished product has become far...