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Sony MDR-X10 / RED X headphones

Sony has been legendary with their headphones but recent years many other brands have left Sony into dust. Now it seems that Sony is back on track with their...


Samsung DV150F and WB250F

Samsung has started shipping their Wi-Fi enabled Samsung DV150F dual-LCD and WB250F compact cameras at retail prices of $149.99 and $249.99 respectively. These...


LowKey iMac USB Stand

As we creep closer to the new year, we are constantly scouring the web to find products that will help declutter your workspaces leading to much more...


Custom Yamaha SX750 Cafe Racer

Found right in our own backyard, the team at Ugly Motorbikes is a custom motorcycles shop in sunny San Diego that focuses on vintage motorcycles, and their...


An Ak-47 made out of a shovel

Incredible but true. One man builds an AK-47 out of a rusty old shovel. All you need is: A $2 shit shovel, a $200 romy sans-barrel AK kit, and a $30 blank. He...