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Floating cinema in Thailand

The final night of the first edition of Film on the Rocks Yao Noi took place on Archipelago Cinema, which is designed by German-born and Beijing-based...


About the Chinese labour

After seeing this video, we are not so surprised that Chinese labour is cheap and everywhere. Where does all the stuff you buy at Wall mart/Carrefour/Giant...


The End of the USSR photographs

There was time before Russia, back then it was called Soviet Union or USSR. Here is set of photographs take during the period when the colossus started to fall...



We wanted to give you some update what has been going on at website. The site design has been revised based on your feedback and we hope you will...


Underwater bar in Maledives

It just opened and is located 500-meters off shore of the Niyama Resort in the Maldives. Don’t know where the Maldives are? Welcome to the club. High...


Cloned photos

Cloned Photos is a mini-series that began to develop from 365 Days of Clones and has now continued with 52 Weeks of Star Wars series. “Although the...