Cocaine On Baby Changing Tables

United Kingdom based researches have found out that 92% of public baby changing tables have traces of cocaine.

The study was not done by high class scientists, instead Real Radio journalists where behind this work. The results are conclusive anyway which where done by special wipes to test different locations where baby chancing tables existed like shopping malls, police stations, hospitals, court houses, churches and other shopping venues. This has lead to announcement that UK is the cocaine capital of Europe which itself not surprising. Cocaine on baby changing tables is new thing all together.

As Jezebel’s Margaret Hartmann points out:

“Considering that money (and plenty of other things we touch) are coated in traces of the drug too, it seems unlikely that the contamination is solely due to addicts doing lines off of Koala Kare changing stations. Though, you should still be cautious about putting your precious child directly on those tables, because according to our scientific research they’re coated in baby poop.”

Via The Huffington Post