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Bender grill / stove 0

Futurama Bender stove

One man has done what no other man has ever done. “Bender woodstove” from the animation series Futurama. While watching Futurama show and drunk he got the idea to build this thing. Bender stove...

Shark tea infuser 0

Sharky tea infuser

Tea has definitely seen a popularity spike in the states over the past few years as people search for alternatives to coffee. As the popularity in the beverage rises, so do the creative products...

Deer Antler Bike Handlebars 0

Deer Antler Bike Handlebars

Of all the different handlebars we have ever encountered, we have yet to see anything as off the wall as these Deer Antler Bike Handlebars. Designed by team at Taylor Simpson these fully functional...

Failed on a job 0

Failed on a job

You need to certain tasks while you’re at work. Sometimes you fail, sometimes some people failed harder than others. How many job fails you have had?

About the Chinese labor 0

About the Chinese labour

After seeing this video, we are not so surprised that Chinese labour is cheap and everywhere. Where does all the stuff you buy at Wall mart/Carrefour/Giant supermarket come from? Right here in China’s “Factory...

Guinea Pig Crossovers 0

Guinea Pig Crossovers

So, lets swap the head and look what came of it? guinea pigs this time in amazing crossover photos. Cute guinea pics can be bit different?