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Viral video or otherwise just worth mentioning.

War Thunder Heroes 0

War Thunder Heroes PC/PS4 game

Times have changed a lot. Games are starting to look like real life, more and more. The reality and immersion have improved every year but sometimes you see something which makes you wonder “is...

Youtube 0

How to make your boomerang to return

See this video and learn that it’s not that hard. Your first reaction when you pick up a boomerang may be to throw it like a Frisbee, but that’s not the way to do...

Xbox 720 concept 0

Xbox One launch details

So Microsoft had their moment when they had Xbox One launch. Since Xbox One launch was recently, the Xbox One has sold more than a million units globally, even matching the Playstation 4 —...

Star Wars Call Me Maybe 0

Star Wars Call Me Maybe music video parody

You might have heard the all popular song from past years, “Call Me Maybe” by Canadian singer and songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen. The song turned into a bonafide cultural phenomenon quite soon after it...

New York Timelapse photography 0

Timelapse video of New York

Photographer Samuel Orr has been filming New York with his gear and result is amazing timelapse of New York. It consists over 10,000 photos shot 2011-2012 and compiled to one timelapse video. “New York...

Daft Pulp 0

Daft Pulp crossover music video

Here is something for your day, Daft Pulp! Even it’s bit short but enjoyable from one the best movies there is. Daft Punk is a famous French electronic music duo consisting of musicians Guy-Manuel...