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Things that make you laugh.

Daft Pulp 0

Daft Pulp crossover music video

Here is something for your day, Daft Pulp! Even it’s bit short but enjoyable from one the best movies there is. Daft Punk is a famous French electronic music duo consisting of musicians Guy-Manuel...

Failed on a job 0

Failed on a job

You need to certain tasks while you’re at work. Sometimes you fail, sometimes some people fail harder than others.

Vintage 357 Magnum Hair Dryer 0

Vintage 357 Magnum Hair Dryer

Vintage 357 Magnum Hair Dryer, Made by Jerdon, Gun Blow Dryer, Pistol shaped Hairdryer, Revolver This is a very fun vintage hair dryer! It is shaped like a 357 magnum gun! It was made...