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Apple MacBook Air 13" Mid-2012 Review 0

Apple MacBook Air 13″ Mid-2012 Review

Analysts and users alike are still talking about the new MacBook Pro with Retina display that was introduced last month during Apple’s keynote at the annual WWDC, but that wasn’t the only new system...

Hands on: Windows 8 pre-beta tablet 0

Hands on: Windows 8 pre-beta tablet

The elephant in the room here at CES this year is truly Windows 8. Microsoft’s talking about it, but not much. Manufacturers have hardware that should be running Windows 8, but has Windows 7...

Commodore USA releasing updated C64; nostalgia grips millions 0

Commodore USA releasing updated C64

If you’re over 30, you probably remember seeing the Commodore 64. Released in 1982 for $595 ($1,300 adjusted for inflation), it was the best selling computer of all time and dominated the market with...

The IPcalypse is only 100 days away 0

The IPcalypse is only 100 days away

We’ve all known it’s been coming for a long time now, there’s even a new, alternative IP addressing scheme that’s been developed and implemented — IPv6 — but adoption has been slow, and now,...