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Work had, play hard.

War Thunder Heroes 0

War Thunder Heroes PC/PS4 game

Times have changed a lot. Games are starting to look like real life, more and more. The reality and immersion have improved every year but sometimes you see something which makes you wonder “is...

Xbox 720 concept 0

Xbox One launch details

So Microsoft had their moment when they had Xbox One launch. Since Xbox One launch was recently, the Xbox One has sold more than a million units globally, even matching the Playstation 4 —...

Redesigned PlayStation 3 at September 25th 0

Redesigned PlayStation 3 at September 25th

Sony announced a new PlayStation 3 at its Tokyo Game Show press conference today. The current PlayStation 3 system might get cheap soon! The console comes in Charcoal Black and Classic White with a...

Inflatable Outdoor Twister 0

Inflatable Outdoor Twister

Oh, Twister: “The game that ties you up in knots!” Or as I like to call it “The game that forces you to awkwardly balance with your head between your cousin’s legs until your...

Portal Bookends 0

Portal Bookends

The Valve game, Portal is now more physical. Get your own Portal Bookends here. There are a lot of manuals for employees of Aperture Laboratories. But you don’t necessarily have to read them. Being...