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Aesthetics, form and function. That’s all!

Medium office 0

Medium office? yes, literally

Collaborative publishing website Medium has amazing office space in San Francisco’s Financial District where which seems to house many of the currently “cool” digital business companies. Two of the founders are Twitter co-founders Ev...

Star Wars NFL helmets 0

32 Star Wars NFL helmets

Ok, ok! this must be number 1003 of all Star Wars posts we have done here in Addours but since Superbowl 2014 is just behind us, we could not keep our hands off. And...

Pepsi logo evolution 0

Logo evolution, see the samples

Many companies with long history of existence see many iterations of their public image. Of course the new technology is part of the reason why logos have undergone some many evolutions over the years....

Bender grill / stove 0

Futurama Bender stove

One man has done what no other man has ever done. “Bender woodstove” from the animation series Futurama. While watching Futurama show and drunk he got the idea to build this thing. Bender stove...