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Buy and consume they say…

Funny and Clever Advertisements 0

Funny and Clever Advertisements

It’s time for another round of funny advertisements that are designed to build brands through laughter. Well done, ad agencies, well done. via 24 Funny and Clever Advertisements | Pleated-Jeans.com.

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mmmin­i­mal is a blend of taste­ful designs and arti­cles based on the con­cept of min­i­mal­ism. The site mmmin­i­mal is cur­rently run by the likes of Rob Hope and Derek Clark, two web dev/designers based...

IKEA- clever advertising 0

IKEA – clever advertising

The latest campaign from the Swedish furniture giant IKEA highlights the flexibility of their designs in small spaces, by creating a cozy dwellings in bit uncommon place. IKEA decorated few living room setups in...