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Intelligent Atmobot robot cleans pollutant air

Intelligent Atmobot robot cleans pollutant air

Air pollution inside and outside our homes is growing problem in modern society and life. We cannot change to outside world and pollution there too much since most of them are from industrial sources but at home we can do something with Atmobot A330 – an autonomous air purifier robot. The Atmobot is created by Ecovacs and it has delicate sensors and artificial intelligence which analyzes the air around us. Based on readings on its sensors, the Atmobot can raise or lower it’s height to clean the air better. Atmobot also has smell sensors which allows it to go near pollution source and clean air near it.


The Atmobot A330 has 3 distinct layers of filtration that use a built-in brushless motor and antibacterial filter to clean and remove all harmful particles down to 0.3 microns. So, whether it’s smoke, dust, pollen or any types of harmful gas, the Atmobot can clean everything at a purification rate of 99.7%. The Atmobot does all this purification as and when you want it to; it is remote controlled so you can set it to work from a distance. You don’t need to worry about charging the Atmobot A330, being autonomous, the robot automatically returns to the dock and begins recharging.

The Atmobot has a special indicator which lights up green to indicate that the air is clean and red to indicate that pollutants are available in the air and that it should get to work. Besides these intelligent features, the bot also features voice prompts to let you know exactly how clean the air is. Available with a charging dock, charging cable and remote control, the Atmobot also sings and plays your favorite tunes while cleaning the air for you.

Via Homecrux